The Bel Ami movie that officially introduced porn star Mick Lovell to the world is their excellent 2012 blockbuster, American Lovers Part 2.

Mr. Lovell is one in a squadron of all-American guys who the studio flew to the continent to film some great scenes in and around their Budapest studio.   He bookends the movie, appearing in both the first and last episodes.  In fact, he gets bookended himself.

In the last scene, he and Kris Evans release their passions in a barn burner out in the bucolic countryside.

Mick Lovell and Kris Evans


Meet Etienne Kidd

by desslock on January 4, 2013

Hugging his skateboard, and staying out of the sandbox, floppy haired Etienne Kidd is yet another choice cut of young milk-fed beef for us to drool over. Videoboys scores another winning wiener. Check the kid out:

Etienne Kid Naked

Etienne Kid Penis

Etienne Kid

Give ‘em Hell, Kidd!

Watch Etienne Kidd Now


Meet Seth Corrigan

November 6, 2012

Seth Corrigan – is this the kid your parents warned you about? Maybe it’s just a rule for any boy named Corrigan. You can go up to Montreal and see for yourself. But why travel all the way up there in the Winter, when you can see this firecracker stud strutting it right now on [...]

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Diego Diamond: Live in Concert

July 9, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen – for one night only – live in concert, it’s porn star Diego Diamond! (Insert wild applause) The Diego Diamond tour is brought to you by and peanut M&Ms. So pop a tasty candy in your mouth and enjoy the set. Swoon as Diego comes out on stage! For his first [...]

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Is Kevin Warhol a Kinky Angel?

May 25, 2012

Bel Ami has caught lightening in a bottle with porn star Kevin Warhol, an adorable dark headed Czech kid, who ignites the screen whenever he’s naked. He’s just as arousing a top as he is a bottom, moments which are all captured in his lively video Kinky Angels: Kevin Warhol. During the movie, he chats [...]

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Max Ryder Sings Gotye

May 22, 2012

Is porn star Max Ryder singing Gotye? Don’t piss off a bottom, or they might sing about you. Cocky Boys has announced that Ryder will be participating in their upcoming Project Go-Go Boy. Watch Max Ryder Now

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Ariel Vanean Fucks in South Africa

May 19, 2012

Bel Ami’s charming Big Brother, porn star Arien Vanean, packs up and heads to South Africa for a three month English language immersion course in the two part sensational video Back in Africa. He has a truly perfect physique. Whether you are specifically a fan of Vanean, or of Bel Ami in general, he’s got [...]

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Meet Max Ryder

May 17, 2012

Have you met the new blond bombshell at Cockyboys? He’s Max Ryder, a petite 21-year old who’s grabbed everyone’s attention including Pierre Fitch. (Is Ryder going to be the new Mrs. Pierre Fitch?) For now, he’s been setting the beds on fire in live cam shows at Cockyboys, who’s already signed him to an exclusive [...]

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Mick Lovell, Marcus Mojo Fleshjack through Austin

May 15, 2012

Why is Bel Ami bombshell Mick Lovell and Planet Earth heartthrob Marcus Mojo in Austin, Texas? Of course, it’s one of the most kick-ass places to hang out. And it’s the publishing headquarters for FriskyFans/FriskyNews. But it’s also the base of operations for Fleshjack. Soon all their frisky fans will be able to pursue happiness [...]

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Gabriel Clark Fucks New Cocky Boy

May 8, 2012

In Cocky Boys’ new porn movie Name of the Game, Gabriel Clark shows Mason Star the ropes of go go dancing at a New York City dance club, then he fucks him in the empty bar after hours. Clark continues his penchant for banging hot Cocky Boy bottoms by plowing Bobby Long. Before taking a [...]

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