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Essential Brent Everett

From sk8rboy twink to Best Performer winner porn star, Brent Everett’s porn star status has noticeably risen to the big leagues.

Everett’s Grabby Award (a co-win along with Samuel Colt) comes on the heels of the Canadian moving to California to sign with Chi Chi LaRue as a C1R exclusive model. Since sealing the deal, the horsehung stud has filmed a growing shelf of sex videos beginning with the How-To-Make-A-Porn, F*CK U, as well as appearing in their original sex dare series Raising The Bar: Part One.

Brent Everett

Back in 2003, Everett started filming porn just for fun after turning 18. Here’s a sampling from this porn powerhouse:

Brent Everett Videos

  • Fantasy Cum True 4: Aaron’s 19th Birthday (CruisingForSexVideo – 2004)
    Fantasy Cum True 4: Aaron's 19th Birthday DVD

    This hot orgy flick was one of the first releases from CruisingForSex.com Video. One of the secrets of the film is that birthday boy Aaron had actually just turned 18. (So, yes, it’s legal!) Appearing with Everett is his boyfriend at the time Chase McKenzie.

  • Cruising It (Studio 2000 – 2003)

    We dearly miss old Studio 2000, which effortlessly popped off hot little movies like this.

  • Little Big League (Electro Video/C1R – 2004)
    Little Big League DVD

    The original gay porn about a misfit baseball team from director Doug Jeffries hits it out of the park. It’s in this movie where Everett first inspires his sullen teammates by picking up their bats.

  • Lookin’ for Trouble 2004 (Electro Video/C1R – 2004)
    Lookin for Trouble DVD

    It’s a boatload of cute guys, hot humping and sweet ass, all wrapped together in a nifty little story about ruffians on the skids. Everett’s three-way in a public bathroom with Cade Devlin and Eddie Stone really fucking hot.

  • Super Soaked (Jocks Studios – 2005)
    Super Soaked DVD

    Did you know that Brent Everett filmed one-on-one sex scene with Roman Heart? This movie was designed to be a comeback for bodybuilder Mark Dalton, who had just been released from prison. Here it’s Brent and Roman who steal the show.

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