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Jake Bass Gets Started

Is there a new raven haired tattooed lad from Montreal taking the gay porn world by storm? The winds of change seem to be blowing. Or maybe that’s someone blowing 21-year old porn star Jake Bass, the subject of our inquiry.

He’s all over the message boards and Twitterville. Everyone loves Jake Bass. See how Bobby Long is clings to Bass like a marsupial?

Jake Bass and Bobby Long

These photos are from Bass’ first hardcore sex scene on Videoboys. It’s very hot.
(Actually so is most of everything on Videoboys.) Below we see our clingy bottom taking the time to properly position Bass’ erection. You know, the best bottoms always end up doing most of the work.

Guiding in erection

Jake Bass is the new top of the block. Here he is showing off all the skills he learned when he dated Ralph Woods.

Jake Bass licks Bobby Long

Actually this reminds us a lot of when Pierre Fitch first started in porn, which was filming scenes with the same company. Is it a coincidence that both are now working full time at Cockyboys?

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