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Ariel Vanean Fucks in South Africa

Bel Ami’s charming Big Brother, porn star Arien Vanean, packs up and heads to South Africa for a three month English language immersion course in the two part sensational video Back in Africa. He has a truly perfect physique.

Whether you are specifically a fan of Vanean, or of Bel Ami in general, he’s got some great moments in the film. (Plus, his English is impressively better than many of the other models, who stay tounge tied) Wouldn’t the quickest brush against his shoulder leave you tongue tied?

Porn star Ariel Vanean in South Africa

Ariel Vanean teases the guys

In a high moment from the video, Phillipe Gaudin seduces Vanean while he showers off. Who’s going to fuck whom?

Ariel Vanean and Phillipe Gaudin

Ariel Vanean showers off

Below, Ariel Vanean sticks his cock into Gaudin for a hot afternoon fuck.

Ariel Vanean and Phillipe Gaudin

Phillipe Gaudin enjoys Ariel Vanean

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