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Mick Lovell, Marcus Mojo Fleshjack through Austin

Why is Bel Ami bombshell Mick Lovell and Planet Earth heartthrob Marcus Mojo in Austin, Texas?

Of course, it’s one of the most kick-ass places to hang out. And it’s the publishing headquarters for FriskyFans/FriskyNews. But it’s also the base of operations for Fleshjack.

Mick Lovell and Marcus Mojo in Austin

Why are we here?

Soon all their frisky fans will be able to pursue happiness in the form of fucking their mouths, butts and ramming themselves with their dicks. Pierre Fitch and Brent Everett visited Austin last year for the exact same project.

We’ll keep readers updated on the releases of these new additions to the Fleshjack Boys line of products. For now, you can treat yourself to Fitch, Everett, Brent Corrigan and the Bel Ami boys in our Fleshjack store. (Shop at a 15% discount)

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