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Porn Star Ben Rose Has His Hands Full

It appears porn star Ben Rose has his hands full. Videoboys has been filming him this year where he’s been pleasuring himself, fucking a Fleshjack. The blue-eyed straight guy now gets Johan Lapointe thrown into his cage of a room. Let’s peer inside and see what happens.

Porn star Ben Rose gets hands full

Below, Johan Lapointe sucks Ben Rose.

Johan Lapointe sucks Ben Rose

Below, Ben Rose fucks his first guy. Why would Mr. Lapointe want to participate in this?

Johan Lapointe fucks Ben Rose

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Mason Star Learns The Name of the Game

Fresh-faced Mason Star isn’t in New York City for very long before Tommy Defendi and inked pal Phenix Saint are showing him the ropes. A bashful child, just beginning to grow, Starr simply wants to know. He wants to know the name of the game.

A struggling artist, Defendi shares Star’s ass with Saint in his art studio before cluing him in on the financial benefits go-go dancing. The Name of the Game is Cocky Boys’ first scripted porn film and it’s a nice change of the more typical all-sex episodic loops produced today.

Cocky Boys The Name of the Game Photos

Mason Star learns the name of the game from Tommy Defendi

Mason Starr learns the name of the game

Phenix Saint fucks Mason Star

Getting fucked by Phenix Saint

Do Defendi, Saint and Star live happily ever after? Can anyone other than Frederick Eklund make it big in the Big Apple? Tune in and find out.

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"Where will my penis take me in life?"

This is a key question in the mind of Boycrush model Scott Alexander, a nineteen-year old floppy haired twink who pleasures himself in his solo for the candy coated website. Alexander is one of Boycrush’s exciting new exclusive models for 2012.

It’s 2012, Scott, so work fast!

Porn Star Scott Alexander

Meet Scott Alexander

Scott Alexander studies penis

Scott Alexander Studies Penis

Boycrush Model Scott Alexander Solo

Boycrush Model Scott Alexander

Nineteen years old and armed with a big, uncut penis, signs point to an imminent career for Alexander on BoyCrush as a prolific bottom.

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Meet Astroboi Selaby

So is Barcelona now the planet’s official City of Sex for men? Yesterday we talked about how Kristen Bjorn has discovered Sex City, a place of constant cruising for sex within the cosmopolitan Catalonian capital.

Now Bentley Race corroborates by filming this hot masturbation solo and suck off scene with 28 year old Spaniard Astroboi Selaby, who lives near Barcelona. Kudos to sucking off this jawbreaker of a dick.

Astroboi Selaby reveals armpit

Below, Astroboi Selaby confirms Barcelona is Sex City.

Astroboi Selaby Jacks Off

Astroboi Selaby on Bentley Race

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Dolph Lambert Finds Love in Sex City

Dolph Lambert takes his boyfriend Dario Dolce barebacking in the concrete jungle in the excellent two-part Kristen Bjorn video Sex City.

This one-on-one sex scene between the two, a leisurely exercise in mutual body worship, is arguably the high point of the film. And that’s saying a lot because there are numerous four-ways, rollicking off the street hook-ups and episodes of bar sex all presented as just another day in the life of the beautiful men working, living and visiting Mr. Bjorn’s fabulous European City of Sex.

Below, Dolph Lambert and Dario Dolce grip each other in high anticipation.

Dolph Lambert and Dario Dolce

Sex City also is notable because this is the first time a movie can combined the boys of Bel Ami with the latin men of Kristen Bjorn, creating a chemical formula we’ve not seen before.

Dario Dolce barebacks Dolph Lambert

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Seth Knight Eats French Pastry Justin Lebeau

Sexy porn star Seth Knight returns for what can only be described as a superb twink on twink porn show, traveling up north to Montreal to film a feisty one on one with Justin Lebeau. Lebeau has cut his hair since fucking Jake Bass last year. He’s one of the hot team of tops at Videoboys who has had the pleasure of taking today’s finest twink ass out for a spin.

Seth Knight and Justin Lebeau

Seth Knight sucks Justin Lebeau

Seth Knight sucks Justin Lebeau

Justin Lebeau fucks Seth Knight

Justin Lebeau fucks Seth Knight

Always high quality production and casting really cute models, we maintain that Videoboys is one of the best sources for twink porn on the Internet.

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Jimmy Durano Porn Tour de Force

Italian porn star Jimmy Durano has been bouncing around the adult video aquarium for a few years, and now his multiple scenes in the double feature Raising the Bar from All Worlds really has us going. Raising the Bar appeared in 2011 and is presented on their website in episodic series format. There is a bit of a plot, penned by JasonCurious, about a group of guys who are recording their sexploits with other guys and constantly seeking to up each other in adventure.

Just another gay boys’ night out.

Durano is a self-described Italian/Brazilian jock on his twitter profile. Five foot eleven inches tall, fantastic body and uncut cock, he’s much more handsome with the facial hair.

From Raising the Bar 2, where he’s persuaded to film porn and ends up in a scene fucking Dean Monroe. Don’t Monroe and Durano look almost related? Maybe it’s their identical underwear.

Dean Monroe and Jimmy Durano

Below, Conner Habib relishes Jimmy Durano’s cock in the first part of Raising The Bar.

Conner Habib sucking Jimmy Durano

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Meet Bailey Morgan

Some of you may have seen Bailey Morgan over on EnglishLads. Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. Mr. Morgan is back to share his body with you on BentleyRace.com, which showcases a lot of really hot guys both performing sexy solos and pairings where guys go all the way.

Morgan is 26 years old and straight, and for the moment seems to be sticking to solo performances. He’s from South Africa – and what is it with hunks from South Africa going into gay porn (Jason Kingsley)?

Porn Star Bailey Morgan

Bailey Morgan

Aren’t those great legs? He’s also really tall – six foot one.

Bailey Morgan Solo

Bailey Morgan

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Too Much Francesco D’Macho?

Is it possible to get too much of porn star Francesco D’Macho?

Obviously the producers behind the Raging Stallion two-part movie Giants didn’t think so. The fuzzy six foot tall Italian fucks and fucks like the Energizer bunny, appearing in three of the ten sex scenes.

What is remarkable is that D’Macho can stand out from a cast of Olympians like Logan McCree, D.O., the now full time cockyboy Tommy Defendi and Marcus Mojo. Here’s a high moment from the grand finale when David V. (Hugo Alexander) gets a piece.

Francesco D'Macho Bottoms

In Part two, D’Macho also gets to show his top man skills with muscled bad boy Rusty Stevens.

Francesco D'Macho tops Rusty Stevens

Francesco D'Macho tops Rusty Stevens

Francesco D’Macho’s Butt

It’s a Romano feast!

Francesco D'Macho Butt

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Meet Porn Star Shawn Beliveau

Videoboys is doing great work easing their new cute model Shawn Beliveau into the scene. How do you get an open minded straight guy into a gay porn career? Match them up with a Flesh Jack, which is essentially a psychological reinforcement that a hole is a hole. For the record, his scene partner here is an IceJack, one of the many exciting FleshJack sex toy products.

Right before Beliveau fucks Jake Bass on Videoboys, we learn that this youthful stud works as a dancer in Montreal.

Porn Star Shawn Beliveau

Shawn Beliveau fucks a Fleshjack
Shawn Beliveau figures out how to use the FLeshJack.

Shawn Beliveau fucks a Fleshjack
Fucking a FleshJack is easier than learning how to jack off.

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